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2.0 MyBB2 _ based on Laravel or YII ??
Sorry for hijacking this thread by the way.

(2015-05-09, 03:03 PM)JonesĀ H Wrote: Well, if you look at the "Confirmed features" thread you'll see a lot of discussions between the devs and the community whether Yii is the correct choice and quite a lot of people suggested Laravel as a alternative.

As for community driven: feel free to help us with that, the 1.x source code is available on github, the issues are there, the 2.x code will be there as soon as the basics were added.

I did not check that thread very often (and did not see a lot of discussion but mainly decisions) but we had a discussion thread about the frameworks and the community and the developers discussed the frameworks there too. A poll about the frameworks or a simple thread, explaining the framework decision (with comparing the options!) would have been nice but neighter has been done.

Community driven is more then reporting possible bugs/features in the forum here, waiting for the team to push the issues to github and send a pull request there. Community driven allows the community to have some influence on decisions and not just supporting the development with pieces of code or bug reports.
And MyBB is a community supported project - which is okay by the way.

(2015-05-09, 03:23 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: And even if we didn't discuss it (which is not true as Jones mentioned above), using a framework chosen by the community which may be not fluently known by any MyBB developer would be a bit thoughtless and slow us down, don't you think? Considering the fact that we're the team that started implementing the core.

Sure, but some of the developers (in the beginning of 2.0 framework discussions) stated that they'd not know any framework by hard anyway. And Laravel 5 is pretty new so I don't think anybody knows that framework so well.

I think a poll would have been nice. There might have been other people (like me) joining the (core) development if it'd have been a framework they know or if they are convinced, it's a promising framework for large applications.
I personally work with YII and Zend every day. Both are very different from each other but I chose them for reasons. They fit the application developed.
Laravel (4) had some disadvantages compared with these frameworks and did not make it into my projects yet for reasons.

If Laravel is the right choice for MyBB 2.0 for reasons, different from being known more or less by some devs, I'd love to hear these reasons (would have loved to hear them before 2.0 development started) and I'll probably start using Laravel for MyBB 2.0 plugins and keep using MyBB in the future.

Don't get me wrong - I like MyBB and I respect you, the developers, that put hard work into this piece of software. I'd just like to see a little bit more community driven development. Like the idea section, that has been removed ages ago. That was a voting possibility for the community, better then the current suggestion forum. Parallels Plesk Panel does use such a idea section with votes and does get proper results.
The way MyBB is structured at the moment, it's only community supported and I - any others - have no idae where we are heading. And almost no influence on the development.
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