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2.0 MyBB2 _ based on Laravel or YII ??
(2015-05-10, 10:46 AM)martec Wrote:
(2015-05-10, 10:22 AM)Euan T Wrote: Martec, we do have an area for development discussions.

if nobody not know what code will develop so personally is not having any development discussion.
Personally Development discussion is made upon what will develop.

Sorry, but I don't understand what exactly you're trying to say here?

(2015-05-10, 10:46 AM)martec Wrote: This is example , one feature first confirmed, after feature details are discussed (for me detail of discussion is development discussions).
What has in mybb is suggestions makers folder only, it is not to mention that is already in chaos...

(2015-05-10, 10:22 AM)Euan T Wrote: In fact, we have many. The problem is that they are not particularly well organised, which is something everybody agrees on. We as a team know this, and are working on restructuring and organising things. I'm sorry we haven't jumped and done things exactly as you want them the instant you said we should.

really this is complicated for now?

(2015-02-21, 06:58 PM)martec Wrote: if not possible made anything for now...
so create reject folder to put repeated suggestions to reduce pollution in folder of suggestion.
or suggestions that not has any chance like CMS integration.
This makes it less chaos.

I can not see any force trying to change the current structure.

I have not disagreed with your points. I have in fact agreed with exactly what I think you're trying to say. Perhaps a less hostile attitude would help you when trying to get your point across?

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