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2.0 MyBB2 _ based on Laravel or YII ??
We have kind of already explained that, as is seen above. We will be doing a retrospective blog post explaining our choice of framework, as well as doing another post explaining our approach to the architecture of the project. As the first dev post said, we aim to be writing these posts at least once a month to provide an up-to-date commentary on the progress of the project. These posts will cover many things, including new features, enhancements and more technical details.

In the second post, I touched on some of the technical details, as is quoted below:

Quote:As we announced in our previous post, MyBB 2.0 is being developed using the Laravel 5.0 PHP framework, and utilising the Twig templating engine. In this post, we want to explore some of the more specific development practices and techniques that we are using in order to prepare third party developers for what’s to come. In MyBB 2.0, we have decided to follow the PSR-2 coding style, meaning our code styling rules of old are to be abandoned with the 1.x series of releases. This change means that the code behind MyBB follows a common standard followed by many other modern PHP applications, meaning switching between differing platforms during development should be far simpler. Additionally, MyBB 2.0 follows the PSR-4 autoloading standard and utilises the Composer dependency manager to manage third party libraries and dependencies. Both of the above are common standards and tools used to develop modern PHP applications and should provide a much easier entrance to writing extensions and modifications for the MyBB platform. As part of the development process, several core components of the core MyBB system are being split off into separate packages. This allows core components from MyBB which were previously tightly coupled to the main codebase to be easily used in other projects. So far, we have split packages for parsing posts from BBCode to HTML (and performing filtering on said parsed HTML), as well as our core settings package. As we progress, other core components will be split into reusable packages and released for public use. All of these packages will feature a full set of unit tests and documentation for usage and will be installable within any Composer based project. This means that projects building upon a MyBB core can easily utilise well tested components core to their forum platform and build on top of the solid base we have already provided. In the future, we will be doing development posts focusing on individual packages that are available for use, including examine their package structure and the features they provide. This will start next month with a look at our core settings package, which provides both general board settings and individual user settings.

Even today, I posted an update explaining our new software license and the reasoning behind this change going forwards.

I hope this evidenced the fact we're trying to be more open, but it is a systematic process. We're more of a big lumbering elephant than a small fast moving whippet at the minute Wink

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