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It's an edge case, yes. But I think it should be fixed nonetheless.

(2015-06-28, 10:59 AM)JonesĀ H Wrote: Dropping the column shouldn't be done here as there may be boards which renamed it manually (SQLite/PgSQL users) so we'd disable 2FA for those users and they may not notice it.

They would need to predict our name to have the same column applied manually, which is an edge case too. And we can easily avoid any problems with that by selecting current values from the authsecret column before its deletion and transferring them to the invalid 2fasecret (using a query like UPDATE mybb_adminoptions SET 2fasecret=authsecret), which will then be renamed to authsecret without an error.

And it doesn't apply only to this column - I found several other instances of lacks of column deletion before renaming IIRC.

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