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[Rejected] More options for not permitted forums
Well, and I do not want to let guests enter a forum they are not allowed to. Why do I have to hide everything that should not be entered?

Why can't there be an adjustment/option if somebody wants to tell others how many posts there are and when the last one was posted? Opt-In, if you have concerns. In your board there may be only staff forums affected. You can hide these and everything is fine. In many (RPG-) boards there are (for guests) locked areas where others (external partners or potential players) have to be able to see from these essential forums, if the whole board is still active or not. "last Action: {date}" is the information that is interesting for everybody who wants to know if it is worth to register or not.

Another privacy issue arises anyway, because one can not lock a new visible forum properly for a group and has to enter the permissions twice: First set guests to "can see", save, and second: switch "can read threads" off. And after that every guest can enter the forum and sees the message "there are no threads" and this information is definitly not true.

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