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(2015-06-22, 04:36 PM).m. Wrote: ^ my apologies. using try is not a mistake .. I've wasted your time on it ..

Well, your heart was in the right place.  Smile

Later: Mea culpa! I looked at the code some more and found that I had done some bad copying and pasting.

I was able to run the merge to completion, but it looks like virtually nothing was accomplished. The old system had been up for a number of years and has a bunch of users and plenty of posts. Here is part of the merge report:

Quote:The MyBB import system imported the following from your copy of phpBB 3:
User Groups:       0
Users:             1
Forums:            2
Forum Permissions: 4
Moderators:        0
Threads:           1
Posts:             1
Attachments:       0
Polls:             0
Poll Votes:        0
Private Messages:  0
Settings:          23

The following errors were logged during the process of the Merge System:


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