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OK, at least part of the mystery is solved. It turned out there were two sets of tables in the database, and I had selected the wrong one.  Confused

This time I got a lot of stuff merged... well, I thought so, but now when I load the board, it doesn't show the merged stuff. It just shows the two posts I created before the merge. Here is part of the merge report:

Quote:The MyBB import system imported the following from your copy of phpBB 3:
User Groups:       2
Users:             10,936
Forums:            103
Forum Permissions: 412
Moderators:        2
Threads:           492
Posts:             1,969
Attachments:       18
Polls:             22
Poll Votes:        105
Private Messages:  73
Settings:          23

The following errors were logged during the process of the Merge System:
The admin section shows that the users (about 10K of them are bots) were imported, but nothing else. Here is the admin report:

Quote:MyBB Version 1.8.5 Threads 2 Threads
0 New Today
0 Unapproved
PHP Version 5.3.26 Posts 2 Posts
0 New Today
0 Unapproved
0 Reported Posts (Don't know why this doesn't show my two)
0 Unread Reports
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.6.16 Users 10,939 Registered Users
10,747 Active Users
87 Registrations Today
0 Awaiting Activation


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