Not Solved [How To?] reCAPTCHA setup.
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(2015-06-27, 11:01 PM)_JoeFish_ Wrote: Is it possible to setup the Google reCAPTCHA with mybb?

Yes, the ACP settings you mentioned exist for a good reason.

(2015-06-27, 11:01 PM)_JoeFish_ Wrote: It tells me to enter a Public and Private key. Google gave me a 'Site key' and 'Secret key'.

Public key is site key, private key is secret key.

(2015-06-27, 11:01 PM)_JoeFish_ Wrote: I tried to enter them but it doesn't seem to be working.
Any help is appreciated.

Any more details would be appreciated first.. How can we solve an issue by just knowing that "it doesn't seem to be working"? What's the exact problem? On which pages does it happen (all/registration/contact us/...)? What's your board URL?

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