[Pushed] Wrong line endings in php files (Development Standard)
I noticed that some of the files of the project don't follow the http://docs.mybb.com/1.8/development/standards/

MyBB Development Standards Wrote:New Lines

All new lines should be denoted by the UNIX line feed (\n, also known as "LF") and not include the Windows carriage return (\r, also known as "CR"). CR and CRLF are not permitted; LF is the only permitted line ending.

The full list of the 1.8.5 release with wrong line endings (crlf instead of lf only):


It would be nice to see these, maybe with 1.8.6, corrected to follow the UNIX standard of lf only like the rest of the files. I know that such a change isn't easy to do (especially for the last two files), because it may result in difficulties for merges from other developers/forks in some cases.

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