[Rejected] [IMG] and [Video] tags not working correctly
http://community.mybb.com/announcement-22.html Wrote:1. Make sure it's a bug

With the plugins and themes you're using your MyBB forum is unique; we need to make sure the problem you've found is actually a problem with MyBB or whether the problem is elsewhere.

Rejecting. The only problem described here that can be considered a MyBB bug is the possible upgrade problem, which we're aware of internally, but noone managed to find the cause yet. If you have more info about reproduction steps, feel free to share.

(2015-07-29, 04:43 PM)ComputerKhaos Wrote: Is there some kind of global setting or file edit I can make to parse MyCode across the entire site?

Global setting - no. File - a plugin file - but that's a question that should be asked in support forums.

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