User close/lock own thread plugin
I had a quick look. I suppose you mean the plugin by Yaldaram.

I have no idea why it would not work for 1.8. Although playing around with buttons is always tricky. There is another problem, however.
In the plugin listing it says:

+ Free to Use
+ Free to Edit
+ But Not Allowed to distribute

Perhaps a technical staff member can tell us what "not allowed to distribute" means here.

Problem can also be that the last post of Yaldaram is from november last year, so it seems he is not active at the moment.

I will se whether I can find out what must be changed for 1.8.

As far as I can see you only have to change the compatability line into:

"compatibility" => "14*,16*,18*"

I checked it and it seems to work properly.

Hope others can also check it.
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)

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