User close/lock own thread plugin
(2015-08-05, 08:33 PM)Ad Bakker Wrote: I understand there were some troubles with starting this plugin, which I did nor experience. The way settings were stored in the database was perhaps a bit questionable and can have triggered errors with php or mysql.

I changed that, but kept the remaining plugin original. Just try the attached, don't forget to install the "english" folder in the "images" folder.

This plugin got a severe bug, suppose you set the permission for a group to close its own thread and open its own thread, it works. BUT after this when you go back to plugin settings and remove any one permission i.e to open or close own thread and if the user in that group has the copy of token he is still able to close or open his own thread inspite of not having the permission.

Anyhow i can easily fix this, if anyone need's a patch can PM me Smile

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