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[Last Sale] OneShoot Theme Responsive For MyBB 1.8 - Only $15
how about the google PageSpeed Insights score ?

Very nice theme, but can i give you some suggestions ?
1. color picker doesn't disappear when clicking OK
2. please hide author_information & author_statistics for mobile view, and scale down avatar size.
3. Using classic (threaded) thread view mode and found this, could you fix it?
4. I can not switch back to linear thread view mode, don't know whether its mybb bug or theme problem.
5. Is there no forum description? some forums need it. Maybe you can add forum description as tool tip, so when hovering the forum, we can see the forum description.
6. Username color is the same with it's background.

once again, very nice theme...

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RE: OneShoot Theme Responsive For MyBB 1.8 - by zukro - 2015-09-24, 02:42 PM

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