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[Discussion] Page Management System
(2015-08-22, 07:59 PM)Euan T Wrote: In that case you'd be better off creating a custom template and including the template wherever you want.

Would that also allow for the option to have one template referenced across multiple different skin sets? So, for example, if I had a template to list affiliates under one template set (ex- default theme templates) then I called it on 3 different template sets (ex- light theme, mid tone theme, dark theme), would that work?

Also, would it be possible to allow options for who can use what for editing? So this way if you have the option for mods to edit pages, you could set the system to ignore say PHP from them (so this way an unscrupulous mod couldn't write a bit of PHP code to grant themselves root admin powers or a mod couldn't accidentally drop a table or fill it with something else by accident).

Which goes back into why I ask for pages being able to link into each other... Since if I wanted a bit of PHP to be used in a non-mod's page, I could write the PHP and give it to them as like <% phpstuff %> which would still get called and run in their page even though they can't put PHP themselves.
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