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[Discussion] Page Management System
(2015-08-22, 09:53 AM)Euan T Wrote: I wanted to bring this discussion to the community after having discussed it as a staff team. We're hoping to start doing this much more frequently for major features in order to gather feedback on what we've decided so far and to promote suggestions for changes and enhancements. Below is the current draft of what we (as a team) would expect the attachment system in 2.0 to do/change.

Many forums tend to have additional pages, which are often managed by either an external Content Management System (CMS) or by manual creation of PHP files to create new pages. For 2.0, we are considering adding a page management system into the core to allow the easy creation of pages integrated with the main forum that contain both static and dynamic content.

However, we are not sure whether this feature should be implemented within the core, or as a separate officially managed plugin. Though we expect the system would be used a bit, we have no real way of judging just how much it would be used by the majority of forum administrators, so we'd like your feedback on whether you'd like to see it as a core feature or not.

Some of the expected functionality of such a system would be as follows:
  • Ability to write a page in pure HTML.
  • Ability to write a page linked to some Controller action, allowing the processing of PHP.
  • Ability to write a page using the Twig templating language.
  • Role based permissions to view pages.
Any feedback (including whether you would use such a system) is extremely welcome here as this feature is still very on in the feature proposal stage.

But why? every thread/original post is a "page", it has a URL, SEO or not, and it has a link on the forum display page and the thread listings

what you need is a menu system within the thread and things like ads and recent posts and recent threads

secondly, the core team best to beef up the portal and make that more useful then setting up a simple "rules" page that you could do in the forums as a thread/post and then linking to it

Personally, i think this is just duplication of what a forum package already has...and a waste of resources....pretty soon, you will need commenting section for your pages which is what the forum has already....

this criticism is the same for the forum announcements.....you already have sticky threads, the admins could just make an announcement straight from the forums (by changing a post type switch to make it global), but then you (and every forum package) just duplicate the same function in the ACP and making more work for themselves?


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