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[Discussion] Page Management System
Pages will be manageable from the ACP. As I mentioned in the OP, pages would be able to be static HTML, use templates, be stored PHP or even call page controller actions. So yes, they could pull assets/posts/threads/users/whatever from the forums with no problem whatsoever. They could also pull additional information such as game servers, video feeds, recent news updates, and more. Adding this ability to the core would be moving us forward IMO. The reason the portal hasn't moved forward much is because the default options and tools available for it are extremely limited and weak and don't allow much customisation. Editing it using plugins is also extremely difficult and you en up basically having to rewrite it which is a pain to maintain.

Pages are in no way a replacement for blogs, but they do add a lot more flexibility to the overall package. We've already discussed adding the calendar as an official mod. With pages in the core, the mod could just hook into the core pages feature to add the calendar as a custom page (thus allowing multiple calendars with different names if written correctly).

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