Poll: Should page management be a core feature of MyBB 2.0?
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[Discussion] Page Management System
(2016-01-29, 09:19 PM)expat Wrote: well then put a switch/option/disable on the decorations like author and comments, it should be part of the authors arsenal.....

this is 2016, lets start moving software along

And the fact that the PORTAL has not developed very much, shows that even when people download that pages mod they are not using it fully

Pages mods invariably is just people wanting to duplicate the blog style appearances.....i have yet to see a good blog from a forum package, like vB or IBP or xenforo.....people want it and find it limited and rush back to WP, Drupal, Joomla

there is a tutorial on how easily to make a new page, if it can be done easily from the ACP, THEN why not, but it needs tools to pull assets/posts from the forums Toungue

a page management system that's included with mybb is probably more efficient than having to use joomla/wordpress/drupal for a few custom pages. I know I'd much rather have everything integrated as one rather than having to use X system for 1 thing, Y system for another, and so on..

also, being that the page manager system was very popular as a plugin shows that people want that functionality added to their forum. furthermore, it would be a very bad idea for the overall future growth of the mybb product if they're basically telling users to go find a better forum software because they won't implement very popular features.

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