Poll: Should page management be a core feature of MyBB 2.0?
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[Discussion] Page Management System
(2016-01-30, 09:01 AM)expat Wrote:
Quote:having to use joomla/wordpress/drupal for a few custom pages.

for a few custom pages you could use the threads as "static" page (i still dont see much difference as WP makes difference between static pages and posts, all the same to me), or

use the tutorial on how to make a custom pages: it s cut and paste one php file then add your custom html content.

secondly, the most popular pages mod stopped with mybb 1.6 which means this poll is sorta contrary to popular wishes, or what the modders could or wanted to make. In other words, if more people wanted it, it would have been made.

If you are gonna bring the pages mod into core, IT MUST NOT BE A SIMPLE STATIC PAGE mod, it must at the very least do what the PORTAL currently does, and it SHOULD be able to pulls assets, threads and users for the CALENDAR, maybe even the GALLERY attachment....

BUT i have to add that Xthreads by itself it can change the PAGE LAYOUT of a whole forum, its Threads and posts, so you CAN set up a "static" pages forum....ITS drawback (and maybe its strength) is that its FORUM specific change ONLY.....

And global system of pages is what "I" need: PORTAL, CALENDAR, GALLERY, DOWNLOADS,

SO developers need to think of the tools to make those things happen, coz a pages mod that end up for a few static pages when the portal is removed is useless to me !! Sad

Did you read my post at all? This is the exact opposite of what I would like to add. Even the first post in the topic mentions the page system being able to use PHP, use templates, use static HTML or use controller actions (which inherently means using PHP...). This makes the pages totally capable of replacing gallery mods, download mods, etc.

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