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[Discussion] Page Management System
(2016-01-31, 05:20 PM)expat Wrote: NO this is in CORE when your moderators need access to the ACP, instead of just posting to the forums...which is big disadvantage for admins like myself who want the moderators more control but not access to the ACP

Emphasis mine.

Your responses to this topic are absolutely mind boggling and incredibly self-centered. That's fine that you don't want to give moderators access to the ACP so they can manage pages. You've made it clear that you would rather they use the posts function instead. More power to you, but not everybody runs their boards the same way, and it's absurd how combative you're being over a feature that nobody is going to force you to use.

There are fundamental differences between pages and posts. It isn't just a matter of where they are located, but a matter of functionality. Up until now, I have created my own pages to get the effect that I need. Including this page manager in the core would mean I can have other staff members help me without needing to give them FTP access. That allows other admins and, in my case case, moderators, to manage different pages without needing to go through me to do so. Everything that I've read about this feature in this thread sounds great for my needs, and I fully support it being included in the core product.

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