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[F] posts colors Valid CSS
Hi all.
I just found this valid CSS error whene using some colors in the post
u will get it invalid CSS
u can see a result for CSS validator of this thread in the following link

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This is your fault, not ours
I don't believe it is his fault. It's our editors fault.
it maybe my fault if the error becuase of an extra modify to the editor!, but for the defult setting so it's must be correct it self, just like what I fix it.
Official Arabic Translator.
This is a problem with MyBB. The editor gives out the "color:limegreen" which is invalid CSS.

MyBB should remove the invalid colours, or replace them with hex codes.

Not technically a bug since everything works fine, but webmasters would want it gone Toungue
I think we should follow the W3C as much as possible.
Looks like a bug to me.
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I just replaced the colors with the hex codes and it's fine with me
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pepotiger, I was under the impression you meant user input, not from the drop down menu. Please make that clear next time.
1st, I'm sorry for the miss understanding. but if you was have a deeper look you were gonne discover that "it's from the drop-down menu" becuase I used the defult color editor codes.
and there were no chance to allow me to explain more, you just moved it to the Bogus forum, And I was unable to replay there Smile
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