Not Solved how to activate user accounts automatically?
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(2015-10-27, 08:55 AM)StefanT Wrote: Why do you think you have to activate new users? It happens automatically when the user clicks in the link in the email he receives.

oh, so they didn't click on there email then?...

i posted this question because, yesterday when i logged into my account (admin) there was a message displayed on top of the forum saying something like "you have two users waiting for activation" or something like that.
then i logged into ACP and manually activated them.
and the registration settings was "Registration Method: Send email verification"

so u mean they didn't click on emails?

(2015-10-27, 08:55 AM)Ben C Wrote: You need to change the Registration Method to Instant Activation.

no, i don't think that's a good idea because of security reasons...
because if i change it to instant, it means no email verification is needed right?
which means anyone can put anyone's email for registration....

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