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[F] codeblock and alignment invalid
Hi all.
I just found this valid w3c error whene you post a codeblock..
php, or [code] or [quote] or even whene you use the text alignment in the editor
see this test topic and see the result of the w3c test here

Official Arabic Translator.
I've fixed the text alignment (I think). I'm not sure why it's throwing errors at code and quote tags.
thats good news,
and yup, I think it's string for the quote and code tags, it's didn't give us any info about this errors!.
Official Arabic Translator.
Apparently you cannot have <div> or <p> in quote tags so basically, we need to find a way to render the effect of <p> tags in css/other html. Anybody got any ideas.
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.
Please note, I've only fixed this for 1.4. I don't see this as a priority for 1.2.7.
thnx for this fix, about what we can use instead of <div> or <p>
what about <td> instead of <div>?
I'm not sure about the effect, it's just an Idea to think about
Official Arabic Translator.
If I told you what to change there would be more changes you'd have to do in inc/class_parser.php too.
there is no problem with both, if you told me about the fix, or keep it for mybb 1.4
we can wait it's ok.
Official Arabic Translator.

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