Not Solved MyBB Upgrade to 1.8 Can't Access Admin CP
Not Solved
(2015-11-29, 08:34 PM)StefanT Wrote: Reverting back to MyBB 1.6 won't fix that error because it's a plugin being not compatible with the PHP version.
 Everything was working 100% until I decided to update to 1.8.6. There was 0 compatibility issues with my PHP version.

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I have tried to download and install this new version of New Points which says it's compatible with 1.8.x ( ) but to no avail it does not work nor update in the plugins area of my Admin CP. This is what the plugins area looks like currently. None of the plugins I had before will activate or install. Even the ones that don't say in red they aren't compatible. ( )

Also the PHP version I have is 5.6 ( ) as seen there. I have also been able to edit it to 5.5 and nothing changes.

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