Not Solved MyBB Upgrade to 1.8 Can't Access Admin CP
Not Solved
(2015-11-30, 08:57 PM)zodearest223 Wrote: And I keep telling you I downloaded the NEW version of New Points which I linked in my post and even that plugin that says it's 1.8.x compatible is not working with my site.

Not getting anywhere with this is putting me on my last will. I know the support here is free and the help is appreciated but every where I turn something else is happening to my forum to make it malfunction.

I uninstalled all my plugins from both the Admin CP and my FTP client and now I can't even view my site.

- - - - - -

I don't mean to sound rude, but this change to 1.8 is more headache than anything else.

I have tried installing 1.8 via my FTP client and then going to my domain name/install after removing the lock file and I'm not even being prompted to install.

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I was able to get my forum back up again after trying a reinstall 5 different times :/ Though I'm still getting these errors while I try to edit certain things in my Admin CP

First Error:

This happens when I try to update a board on my forum or create a new board

SQL Error:
   1054 - Unknown column 'modposts' in 'field list'
   SELECT canview,canviewthreads,candlattachments,canpostthreads,canpostreplys,canpostattachments,canratethreads,caneditposts,candeleteposts,candeletethreads,caneditattachments,modposts,modthreads,mod_edit_posts,modattachments,canpostpolls,canvotepolls,cansearch FROM mybb_usergroups WHERE gid='1' LIMIT 1

Second Error:

This happens when I try to change things in regards to custom profile fields

SQL Error:
   1054 - Unknown column 'regex' in 'field list'
   UPDATE mybb_profilefields SET `name`='Profile Image', `description`='600 x 300 profile image using the <img> tag', `disporder`=10, `type`='textarea', `regex`='', `length`=0, `maxlength`=65535, `required`=0, `registration`=0, `profile`=1, `viewableby`='', `editableby`='', `postbit`=0, `postnum`=0, `allowhtml`=1, `allowmycode`=0, `allowsmilies`=0, `allowimgcode`=1, `allowvideocode`=0 WHERE fid='10'

You did run the upgrade script, right? Those columns should have been created during the upgrade.

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