Solved: 5 Years, 6 Months ago Who's Online Problem (Continued from last thread)
Solved: 5 Years, 6 Months ago
(2015-12-14, 11:34 PM)Swifter Wrote:
(2015-12-14, 11:32 PM)Jason L. Wrote: I now see nov4 as online with his last visit being 6 minutes ago. I would be curious to see what it is like without the DDoS protection enabled. Maybe it is limiting the amount of queries/pings per second/minute. It also appears you are running two different ddos protection providers? See if you can disable them in their respective control panels temporarily.

I am not sure what one is causing it, the AthenaLayer or BlazingFast.

I used BlazingFast and Cloudflare with no problems, but as soon as i removed Cloudflare protection and started using AthenaLayer, the problems happened.

What one shall i remove? Also do you have Skype?

I would disable as much as you can. Eliminate as many variables as possible to find the solution.

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