Not Solved [Flatty] Putting Image Above Forum Name
Not Solved
I'm currently using the Flatty theme (latest version) and using the Open-ID Steam login plugin.

I've edited the header_welcomeblock_guest template to remove the login with Steam button next to Register button as I don't want it there.

I'd like to have the "Login with Steam" button sitting centered horizontally & vertically above the orange "Welcome to the Chicken Fri Ri Forums" and below the "View new posts" and "View todays post". In the screenshot I want it where the yellow highlighted bit is. How would I achieve this? Big Grin

and I don't know how much of a hassle this would be, but I'd also like to center the "Portal, Forums, Search" etc (menu) items after I get rid of the Login / Register buttons.

**Edit: the Steam (default) login html is
<a href="{$mybb->settings[\'bburl\']}/misc.php?action=steam_login"><img border="0" src="inc/plugins/steamlogin/steam_login_btn.png" alt="Login through Steam" style="vertical-align:middle"></a>


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