Not Solved While You Were Typing "r/n/" issue
Not Solved
Thanks for the replies.

I installed the plugin from the mods site. However, this one breaks the quick reply's ajax function. The spinner image does not go away but it sends the message.
I guess that's one of the things doylecc fixed when adapting it to 1.8.

Edit: I've searched the main php file of the plugin and found this line which I think talks about the message and it has the problematic \r\n sequence. Would editing this solve the problem?
print '</div>';
			$return_message = addcslashes(addslashes($mybb->input['message']),"\r\n");
			print '<script>if($("whiletyping_quickreply_message")){ $("whiletyping_quickreply_message").scrollTo(); } window.setTimeout(function(){ ';
				print 'if($("message_new")){ $("message_new").value = "'.$return_message.'" } ';
				print 'if($("message_old")){ $("message_old").value = "'.$return_message.'" } ';
			print 'if($("message")){ $("message").value = "'.$return_message.'"; } }, 500);</script>';
			$_SESSION['page_access_time'] = time();

(2016-02-22, 12:05 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: There is a plugin for MyBB 1.8 in the official mods site here in forum.

Are you talking about this one? This is for 1.6
I couldn't find it here:

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