[Pushed] Smilies popup
Calling action in misc.php "smilies" have a bug on typing custom javascript function popup window emotoicons inserter.

When we click on action for opening smilies window we typing action="onlick" editor name like this:
<a href="javascript:MyBB.popupWindow('/misc.php?action=smilies&amp;popup=true&amp;editor=MyBBEditor&amp;modal=1')">Emots</a>
But code in file misc.php skip this(ignore editor name), and replace Permanently this name.
$onclick = " onclick=\"MyBBEditor.insertText(' $smilie_insert ');\"";

Oryginal code.
$onclick = " onclick=\"MyBBEditor.insertText(' $smilie_insert ');\"";

It should be like this
$onclick = " onclick=\"".$mybb->input['editor'].".insertText(' $smilie_insert ');\"";

Now we can get action with any html obiect to use emotoicons with some javascript code.
<a href="javascript:MyBB.popupWindow('/misc.php?action=smilies&amp;popup=true&amp;editor=MyCustomEditor&amp;modal=1')">Emots</a>

And all work better and popup smilies can work with any custom text area where we want.

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