[Rejected] Full Edit not seeing the whole thread
Hi guys,

So I've recently upgraded to MyBB 1.8.7, this brought about a few issues. Most of which I've fixed now.

One issue that remains that I am totally stumped on is when I go to edit a particularly long thread on my forum.

When I do a quick edit on this thread I am able to edit the whole thread without any issues. However, if I click Full Edit on this thread it only lets me edit the first 30 lines or so (most of which are blank anyway) the rest seems to have been chopped off and do not appear in the editor.

I've tried doing a preview post of what's in the Full Editor but that too only shows what's been loaded into the Full Editor.

I am totally stumped. I really need some help with this one,

I have tried changing Mybb_posts Message size from TEXT to LONGTEXT incase it was a character limit issue, I changed the character limit in the Post section of my forum's configuration from the default of TEXT up to LONGTEXT (4294967295) and I've now tried setting it to 0. This doesn't seem to be the issue though since there aren't even 65k characters, and as long as I use the quick editor I'm able to edit all of it and create very long threads. The full Editor seems to be the issue here?

Furthermore, I tried changing my Editor Style just in the vain hope that might do something, but as I'm sure you know that simply changes the style, not the functionality of it. 

Thanks in advance,

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