[Solved] Installation Problem : MySQL Database
Hi ...

I've just downloaded the current release of MyBB and tried to install that on my webspace for evaluation purposes.

My problem is, that the installation script fails at the point, where I should enter my DB data (could not connect to the database host).

I've tried also another DB on another Host - it's the same there - and the hosts are definitive reachable (some of my scripts are working on it and the installation of phpBB works too).

Has somebody else had these kind of problems before ?

No, it must be that you are entering the wrong information.
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The database host should be the mysql server. Contact your host if your not sure about this.
thank you for your fast reply's ...

I've triple checked that before I've posted here.

With phpMyAdmin I can access the host using exact the same data.
And I've also written a short php script to test the connectivity - no problems ...

I've created tables on that DB - dropped them - everythings fine - only the MyBB installation script cannot connect Sad

You could have put a space before or after in the database host textbox.
Nope - everythings correct ... Sad

I can send you a PM with all the data - so you can have a look by yourself if you want.

PM with data sent ...
Hmm... This is a first. Can you send me ftp info, cpanel info, and preferred details for the installation?
PM with FTP access data sent ...
Having the same problem here and MyBB was previously installed on this same server last year with no issues.

All details are entered correctly but the install stops at the MySQL details page with errors.

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