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Solved: 6 Years, 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago Help a brazilian noob upgrading MyBB 1.8.6 to 1.8.7
Solved: 6 Years, 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago
Hey guys, thanks for replying me. Is hard to found here in Brazil a good community to help people. Trust me on this. For some kind of pride or something brazilian-italian-german i never ask for support, i dont like to annoying other people with my problems. Its only on my last shot! And very sorry about my very bad english...

(2016-04-19, 02:46 AM)WallBB Wrote: Read this tutorial on upgrading MyBB, follow steps by steps.
Download the upgrade pacakage from here

Hello you again! I sent you an MP in the morning for your theme support. Your login still active.
I read all the tutorials many and many times but did not work. So... See what i did:

(2016-04-19, 02:46 AM).m. Wrote: looks like some of old version files were not replaced by the new version files.
can you upload the files again & run upgrade script (put forum offline & take
database backup before upgrading)

M, you are like the M from 007 from helping this community or some kind of Support Genius, you deserve some recommendation (or money) for all this free help. I spend many hours reading all the Forum and your job done here is great, very awesome!! My congrats for you!!

Guys, what i did is:
- Uploaded many and many times the "Upgrade Package", but, did not work. I dont know why. Unziped, uploaded again, downloaded again in this almost infinite loop.

So, im noobing around my Forum and uploaded the HOLE FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE (not good?) in my forum dir and............. IT WORKED! I run the install link (forum/install) and upgraded like a software, very nice, very easy. Dont loose nothing (include some noobie templates modifications), my tests posts, my configurations, its all here! The only thing i did is reinstall the plugins to work properly. HOW NICE IS THAT?

I dont know if this maybe get me some securities issues in my forum, or bugs whats so ever (not seeing), but... It worked. You guys recommend this kind of brazilian newbie stuff? Or its better to delete all the content in my forum dir and do some full clean installation again?
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