Not Solved Merge / import from bbpress - 5000 posts per hr only?
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(2016-04-26, 08:07 AM)nippi9 Wrote:
(2016-04-26, 08:01 AM)Donald_Duck Wrote:
(2016-04-26, 07:58 AM)nippi9 Wrote:
(2016-04-26, 07:54 AM)Donald_Duck Wrote: I always suggest: if you are doing merge then do on your local machine using xampp (localhost), later upload merged stuff on live production server.

It's faster, reliable..

I have an 8gig ram windows laptop.
a 32 gig ram more, faster processor server with a dedicated mysql hard drive and main drive is ssd too.

Server, is running almost nothing else.

That's awesome for the merge you will be performing, go for it
which is.  the server... on which its running almost too slow to work... or my laptop... on which you are suggesting it will run faster?  Sorry.  Im a bit slow, not sure what you mean

Np dear, i suggest to run merge on your local machine (laptop) with xampp. Online server sometimes timesout and many more stuff but on localserver you can modify timeouts etc from php.ini etc etc

(I personally never done merge but i will like to see someone creates a video tut to perform this on xmpp)

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