Discuss: MyBB 1.2.7 Released - Security & Maintenance Release
mktrep97 Wrote:the forums work fine thank you
the problem is in my mkportal
i dont know whats wrong
it was working fine with 1.2.6 ?!?!

any ideas ???

I think you already know the answer (saw your name on the MKPortal support forums). But for the benefit of those using the MKPortal + MyBB combination, here's the answer, straight from the Vietnamese support site vnchannel:

vnchannel Wrote:Open [forum folder]/global.php:

require_once "./inc/init.php";

require_once dirname(__FILE__)."/inc/init.php";

Tested it offline on my computer, works fine. Should work fine when online too.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I remember now. This edit is what you should always be doing when installing a MKPortal + MyBB site anyway, at least from version 1.2.3. Global.php just got overwritten by the new files, so that may be the reason why your updated board suddenly stopped working.

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