Discuss: MyBB 1.2.7 Released - Security & Maintenance Release
TylerGillen Wrote:Any planned dates for 1.4?
Now any so called "planned dates" would ruin contests such as this and this one.
LeX- Wrote:
if(strpos($post['message'], "1.4") !== false)
Now now, we don't want to ban everybody who wants to discuss all the wonderful features of MyBB 1.4. Smile

smr Wrote:Anyone here happen to use MkPortal with MyBB ?
I ask because I want to know if I need to backup the MK DB as well with the forum DB
I am backing up through the MyBB ForumCP

I have never done a full update, just the text patches from 1.2.3. and to now.So I figure I might as well just do it all the way in case a huge change comes soon that the patches wont be enough.

We recommend you backup everything you have (entire databases and files) regularly, as well as before major changes (such as upgrades).

Thanks for keeping us all updated.

HOPEFULLY people will start spreading the word about this Great Software that blows the rest out the doors. I have used them all and this DOES have the best and MOST features of ANY of the free guys. Besides that they have a great AND friendly staff here that LISTENS unlike that other place that would rather just lock your post and leave a wisearse comment to you.

Hopefully Mybb stays the course for the long haul!

Thanks for your kind commentsSmile
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Web: http://dennistt.net

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