Not Solved [Error Message] HTTP ERROR 500 when attaching files
Not Solved
(2016-12-04, 03:20 AM)Deatives Wrote:
(2016-12-03, 05:21 PM)Mats Wrote:
(2016-12-02, 10:11 PM)Deatives Wrote:
(2016-12-02, 08:02 PM)Mats Wrote:
(2016-05-31, 08:01 AM)tellblom Wrote: Everything sems to work good except attaching image files. 
I can attach ZIP, XLS,PDF and so on but when I try to attach JPG,JPEG, GIF or any other image file I get a HTTP ERROR 500 on a white blank page

Max Post/Upload size: 96MB
jpg Maximum file size is set to 20480 (i.e 20Mb)

Why would not this work?

Running 1.8.7 upgraded from 1.8.4(? i.e new install in version 1.8.x )

Did you get any solution to your problem?
Because I have excactly the same problem as you after installed a MyBB forum.
I have following specifications.
MyBB Version 1.8.8
PHP Version 7.0.13

SQL Engine MySQLi 5.5.53
Server Load 10.46

We're waiting on the information now. It appears that PHP is having trouble uploading image files but other file types work fine for the user. Can the user please let us know what hosting he is using? (I.e. Shared/Server + WebServer Software Name) it'd be helpful to look into more specific issues.

I asked and they answerd this:
"It is a shared hosting service.
It is possible that the CMS is not ready for PHP version 7.0 which is affecting that or it is due to settings on the php."

They also recommended me to enable the PHP error message option in the PHP&Database. The PHP error message should then show the error messages on the website page instead of a 500 error message.
I enabled PHP error message but then it only shows a white page after posting.

Today I was able to post and attach some jpg. The one I have succeed with are very small <300kB.
Larger jpg gives a "white page".
I have changed settings for attachments of jpg to 10MB.

So to clarify you do NOT have "root" access to your web server?

I have done some more test to post image files.

640x480 or smaller works fine

800x600 or larger will not work

Is there another settings for height and width attributes and not only the file size in Mb or kb?

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