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LegosJedi's Plugins and Modifications - First Custom Editor Theme Released!
Sorry for double post, but...

Permissions Box Plugin has been updated. Please update your files. This is just a small bug with one of the language strings.

If you would like to fix this manually, go into permbox.lang.php, in the languages folder and find:

$l['img'] = "HTML is turned <strong>{1}</strong>.";

and replace it with:

$l['img'] = "[img] is turned <strong>{1}</strong>.";

Save the file. Then go into permbox.php, in the plugins folder, and find:

        "version"		=> "1.0",

and replace it with:

        "version"		=> "1.0.1",

Then save the file, and re-upload both.

Please do not PM me about problems you might be having with MyBB. Post a thread, and someone on the support or development team will take a look at it.

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