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LegosJedi's Plugins and Modifications - First Custom Editor Theme Released!
Alright, this is a little teaser for my Mod CP Plugin. I've got a ton screenshots for you all. The actual plugin should come within the end of the week. Until then, take a look at what you can do.

[Image: picture2lk6.png]

A new link is added to the header.

[Image: picture3bc5.png]

The login page for the Mod CP. Pretty much the same as the Admin CP. This pugin actually uses a lot of modified code from the Admin CP, so a lot of the functionality from there is imported into the Mod CP.


The main page of the Mod CP. Same basic overview as the Admin CP.


The User search function. Again, same as in the Admin CP.


The banning option. If the admin has banning turned off, there will be an error message saying that the mod cannot ban. I've also been toying with the idea of IP and email banning, but not sure if I should put that in. Let me know if you'd like it.


The moderator logs. Allows admins, and only admins, to see what the moderators have been doing in the CP.


And, of course, thread, post, and attachment moderation. Wouldn't be a Mod CP without it.

So, there you go, a look at what's going on. There are Admin CP-side files and options, and I'm working on finishing those up.


Please do not PM me about problems you might be having with MyBB. Post a thread, and someone on the support or development team will take a look at it.

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