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LegosJedi's Plugins and Modifications - First Custom Editor Theme Released!
I promised I would release this at the end of the week, and I keep my promises.
Introducing the Mod CP Plugin!

The much requested plugin is finally here! This plugin will add a Moderator CP to your 1.2 board. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY INTENDED FOR MYBB 1.2. 1.4 WILL HAVE IT'S OWN MOD CP WHEN RELEASED. ALSO NOTE THAT THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES MODIFICATION OF A CORE CLASS. BACKUP THIS FILE BEFORE YOU CHANGE IT. So, yeah, I'll shut up so you can download it.

Version: 1.0

Please do not PM me about problems you might be having with MyBB. Post a thread, and someone on the support or development team will take a look at it.

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