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LegosJedi's Plugins and Modifications - First Custom Editor Theme Released!
Xtreme2damax Wrote:

What the heck are you talking about, plugins such as Noscript, SEO plugin and others are extremely useful.

While fasterfox may seem like it is an idiots plugin it actually helps quite well with browsing the internet with my poor satellite connection with high latency.

Also please contribute to the topic instead of random off topic jibber jabber, we have problems we'd like to get fixed as we are trying to ensure a successful and user friendly website. It doesn't help much when you got bugs that you can't get fixed.Wink

Does anyone know how to fix the problem with the ModCP as I showed in my last post?

Hey man i speak for the other plugins!!! like the weather or other plugins you can search in the web whit 2 clicks and have your results whitout plugin

i have around 90 UNIQUE plugins on my firefox, but you have a lot of idiots plugins.

When i make a review of my plugins ( because are the best plugins for firefox) AND ITS NOT JOKE you are the first on recive PM Whit the review.

When you recive this you can say..

oH thats great. this its great boy ToungueToungueToungue

Sorry for my bad english.

PD: SEE MY FIREFOX WHIT 27 TABS OPENED AT SAME TIME Toungue AND WHIT REAL TIME eMail notification for gmail Hotmail and all of the mail services, whit geolocation, proxy, send sms to mobile whit icon on top right corner, and the button (on right corner) (the classic animation in windows) (you) can click on this to go to 5 different sites ETC.... ETC... ETC....


Listen pal, your very much off topic right now, this thread has nothing to do with firefox plugins, its to do with the moderator cp.

I'm going to go easy on you and not report you this one time though, because you are relatively new around here in terms of posting, so you might not understand all the posting rules yet. but keep ontopic from now on, ok.

i'm glad we had this chat.

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