Not Solved After download and apply theme - the logo doesn't show
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Hey there - 

  I'm new to the mybb community and very happy to be apart of it!  I first want to say that i'm very new to web hosting and my two ubuntu servers, but i'm learning a lot and learning FAST!  So, I want to first thank you in advance for your patience with me and everyone's help!  Heart

  I finally got mybb forum up and running,  I took a look at the themes and went with revolution Gaming_#6_stable
I followed the directions and took all the images/pictures etc.. and used filezilla and uploaded them to the images folder. Then, went to the admin CP panel, and uploaded the .xml  

  After doing do and clicking "view forum"  the logo doesn't show.  I went to filezilla and downloaded the logo.png and it is an image and it's not blank.. 

Please help! 

Browsers: IE 11 and Google Chrome 
Windows 10 Pro Desktop Native 
Server - Ubuntu 16.04
forum address -    (i'm getting help on another form on trying to fix that as I want the url to just be 


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