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[F] Cant Disable Thumbnails on Treads

i want to show entire images in threads not that thumbnails, so i changed the option for showing thumbnails on treadhs but it doesnt works, they are still thumbnails, how can i change this?
Yea I'm having the same problem here.

I went through the get_post_attachments() function in functions_post.php, and apparently it displays the thumbnail link only basing on if its too small or not. In other words, it doesn't take the setting "attachthumbnails" into consideration.
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does anyone can help me??
Yea I have a temporary fix. This is no way official.

replace your old functions_post.php in your /inc/ folder with this one.

.php   functions_post.php (Size: 18.07 KB / Downloads: 440)

For reference: The line changed are 499~503 and 521~525
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what did u changed... ican replace cuz i have another theme tahat use some special functions, and thats why i can change that file, just tell me what did u chnge and i will replace it in my function.php
Oh ok.

if($attachment['thumbnail'] != "SMALL" && $attachment['thumbnail'] != "")

if($mybb->settings['attachthumbnails'] == "no")
						eval("\$attbit = \"".$templates->get("postbit_attachments_images_image")."\";");
					elseif($attachment['thumbnail'] != "SMALL" && $attachment['thumbnail'] != "")

if($attachment['thumbnail'] != "SMALL" && $attachment['thumbnail'] != "")

if($mybb->settings['attachthumbnails'] == "no")
						eval("\$post['imagelist'] .= \"".$templates->get("postbit_attachments_images_image")."\";");
					elseif($attachment['thumbnail'] != "SMALL" && $attachment['thumbnail'] != "")

If you would like, I can help you edit it.
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i gonna try it, tanks dude!
well, it is working, tanks a lot!!

If you make a new image attachment, does a thumbnail get generated? I think that's what the setting controls, the generation of the thumbnails, not the showing of the thumbnails...
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
yes thats right for example, when i attach a zip or rar file, i just begin downloading when i enter in the page, i doesnt show a link or something , i du no how to just not showing thumbnail but just for images only, not for other file types,

someone can help me??

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