Creating a new input under registration page?
Please bear with me! i'm completely new to mybb plugin development and I am creating a plugin that will add extra options to the member registration page. I'm wondering if there is a built in way to create an input field in mybb. I will also be adding extra columns to the users table in mysql - if you know of any predefined functions for this i'de be very happy.

for example i would like to add another input to be used like on line 160 of /member.php

"apikey" => $mybb->get_input('apikey'),

Now as far as i can tell there's alot of predefined fuinctions in mybb and i'm wondering _where_ the input fields are being generated in html.

From what I can tell the structure is to use /inc/functions_users.php so I figured there would maybe be something like class_register.php or something along those lines. Thanks for your time and I appreciate all and any pointers.

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Creating a new input under registration page? - by ViLeGlyph - 2016-09-07, 04:36 AM

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