[Solved] Template Marker is not replaced {marker}

i'm trying to program a plugin for my mybb Page, but somehow it's now working.
The Plugin is named scrolling_gallery and this is the code:

        die('This file cannot be accessed directly.');


function scrolling_gallery(){
        global $mybb, $templates, $scrolling_gallery;
        $str = 'hello world';
         eval('$scrolling_gallery="' . $str . '";');

function scrolling_gallery_info()

        return array(
                "name"              => "Scrolling Gallery",
                "description"       => "Nothing interesting here",
                "website"           => "",
                "author"            => "Denis D",
                "authorsite"        => "Under Construction!",
                "version"           => "1.0.0",
                "compatibility"     => "18*",
                "guid"              => "",

In the template I have added {scrolling_gallery} and like I read, that should work.
But nothing happend...

MyBB Version :1.8.7

Someone an idea?


Maybe I clearify "nothing happened".
Nothing showed on the Page, where my default string should appear.
When I add a return-Statement, the site is blank "like i thought" (in this moment)

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