I get an error on the apache logs of...
PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected 'elseif' (T_ELSEIF) in search.php on line 1200

I tried posting the link in codepad here for search.php, but MyBB has way too sensitive blocking. I cant post the link to it, i cant copy the code and insert it in code tags because there are links in search.php
codepad DOT org / 9OoUXpyb

Can you be more descriptive in what the orange lines are suppose to replace? I reverted to a backup because it broke the entire search.

I mucked it up. I added the if conditions and not replaced them
For someone in the future this is the end result search.php
codepadDOTorg / irYbVI0N

There is one minor snag i noticed. When i went to compare the two lists "my Discussions" and manually went to search -> input my own username. ...that search now fails to pull up the proper search it did before. Is there something regarding the if condition changes that mucked that up?  Im just wondering if the changes to search.php might of screwed up other future searches that should of worked...but might not now.

Above all though most users just use the search links provided, and that was one we used a lot. Now i can turn off those annoying subscriptions and just check this search instead.....thanks again!!!!!

OK sorry i messed it up. My threads and my discussions are both the same. They are pulling up the same list. My threads i started...not any discussion i am in. ID have to say this is very frustrating. Again i am reverting my search.php to default

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