getting started making plugins
I more or so want to get started in making plugins because i etiher cant find the plugins i want, or i want to modify existing plugins to do what i want them to do.

I was expecting stickies to be filled with how-to's and starting plugin dev, but i dont see much.

1) Where can i find information regarding learning to develop plugins?
2) What knowledge is required to be able to develop plugins? I am fluent in python, OK with CSS/HTML, and have some c/c++...but i only worked with php recently when trying to tweak plugins. I think i get it, its just a little different syntax. I have no knowledge of mysql and how to extract or insert data into it. And i dont know Javascript, Ajax, etc. Im not sure which of these are needed for learning to plugins. 
3) I have a mybb forum, but i dont want to test my soon to be plugins on a real forum. I want a test forum. Do you guys just make a local install and test it on that for each plugin? Or is there an easier way to develop?

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