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Hi all, so I'm wondering if something like this is possible with MyBB. I'm trying to convert a theme I designed originally for phpBB over to MyBB since my board's converting to MyBB soon.


I designed my threads to grab from the usergroup color, e.g. the rank title (White Moon) is the usergroup color, the username, played by ___, along with the gold mini hover effects. 

When I designed it originally, it grabbed the usergroup color so that it changed depending on the person's usergroup. So if someone was in the admin group, those effects would be teal, whereas someone in the White Moon would have those effects in gold, if that makes sense?


Now on my current MyBB theme for usergroup namestyle I have for the admin style:

Username style:
<span class="admin-color">{username}</span>

Username class:
 .admin-color {
	color: #55b8ca;

What would I have to do to accomplish this look for MyBB? I don't mind editing source files, I'd just like to redesign my theme for MyBB for my forum.

Thanks in advanced!

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