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Not Solved creating a custom mycode for an anchor tag
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(2016-12-02, 03:25 PM)metulburr Wrote: thank you. That was what i was missing.

I think this might be beyond mybb. But the anchor works if you first open the link to that, but upon refreshing the page, it does not. I would think that refreshing the page with that link of the anchor should re-aligned the browser to that position of the anchor wouldnt it?

Is allowing users to create anchors safe?

Refreshing a page after loading the anchor is a browser limitation and is beyond the scope of MyBB/HTML Tags. Clicking a link to the anchor should work without issue however refreshing is where browser limitations kick in.

On my test server even copying and pasting the link and pressing enter when to the anchor so I do believe it's simply a browser limitation.

On the subject of anchor safety the main risk is a user as a "pid" so I would would out numbers to be honest (require it to be a word), the only other risk is a troll trying to "anchor hijack" and move one anchor to another, that type of risk is minimal.

I would make sure you only allow letters, no numbers or symbols to minimize risk. as MyBB does NOT filter your MyCode by default you have to set that up yourself. Otherwise there is a small XSS risk.

That being said I'm glad your issue was resolved and please let us know if you have any further questions. Please be sure to mark this thread as solved if we've answered all your questions.
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