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Not Solved creating a custom mycode for an anchor tag
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(2016-12-02, 04:48 PM)metulburr Wrote:
(2016-12-02, 03:49 PM)Deatives Wrote: On the subject of anchor safety the main risk is a user as a "pid" so I would would out numbers to be honest (require it to be a word), the only other risk is a troll trying to "anchor hijack" and move one anchor to another, that type of risk is minimal.

i think we opted for this for team member use, so we didnt make a sceditor button for it. But that doesnt mean a regular user couldnt use it....they just dont know about it. 

Im not sure i understand what you mean as the user as a post ID? And im crappy at regex. Would you know the regex for hte mycode to limit characters to be letters. I think its something like [a-z][A-Z]. Or is there a way to restrict mycode to be used by only X user groups? 

Im not sure also what you mean by anchor hijack. Only admins/mods on our forum has access to edit a post. The user themselves only have 48 hours then it auto locks.

1) Anyone could find out how to create a link like that by simply quoting your post and editing their post afterwards (or just look at quick reply, that's an event faster way, a smart user could figure things out).

2) The old MyBB Wiki is gone but I was able to get a screenshot from the Internet Archive. Free free to read at: http://web.archive.org/web/2012051510182...fig_MyCode it explains how to create custom MyCode.

3) The user could still make a edit a post within 48 and hijack the original anchor, if they had a desire to do so. I'm also inexperienced with regex. I'm not sure of the correct regex to limit to letters.

4) You cannot restrict a custom MyCode to specific usergroups.

TL;DR There will always be the risk of a troll hijacking another user's anchor and you can add limitations to make things a bit safer.
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