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(2016-12-02, 09:12 PM)The Switch Club Wrote:
(2016-12-02, 04:32 PM)metulburr Wrote:
Quote:Just to confirm you have already given guests the permission to download attachments using the steps I provided?
yes...this was done before i posted this thread

Please check Admin CP -> Configuration -> Attachment Types -> Edit (each type, individually) -> Available to groups

You may have attachments, even of specific file types, only available to certain groups.

[Image: Screenshot+2016-12-02+at+4.53.19+PM.png]

Also check invidivual forum permissions. Depending on the forum you may have "custom permissions" setup. You may need to grant them permissions to download on the actual forum sections as well.

Oops I apologize for that issue. I embedded the wrong image. It's been fixed :/
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