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(2016-12-14, 02:56 PM)subzr1 Wrote:
(2016-12-14, 02:22 PM)Zarkaylia Wrote: Hello

I'm using the Revolution theme, with some slight modifications. I need to modify it further and add custom pages to the menu. Any idea how I'll go about that? I of course still need to use same theme, etc.

Here's a link

What I want, more specifically, is to add pages to the top menu for example between "Forums" and "Search". I have an old plugin to add pages but I've no idea how to add these pages to the menu if I want to use them.

its quite easy actually
to create/add more pages just follow this guide :
to add a button on menu you must edit the menu code located in the header template

Thank you, this looks to be exactly what I need. Awesome!

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